Metal slides for calendars

Your reference for metal calendar slides and calendar slide edger machines for binding calendars, maps and other publicity articles.

Talleres Matauco - Calendar slides and calendar slide binding machines

Talleres Matauco manufactures metal slides (also called metal rims, metal borders, metal rods or metal hangers) for wall calendars, maps and other publicity articles since 1956. Our compromise with our clients and our quality are a reference for Printing and Binding Companies all over the world.

The quality, durability and efficiency of our machines make it possible to get a high productivity rates with the least maintenance cost. Our facilities allow a personalized management for the logistic requirements of each client.

Metal calendar slides

Metal calendar slides
  • From 100 to 1.000 mm in length
  • Integrated eyelet or plastic hanger
  • Great variety of colours

Calendar slide
binding machines

Calendar slide binding machines
  • Double fold
  • High quality
  • High productivity without physical effort
  • Available for paper, cardboard, fabric and plastic

Double loop
wire system

Double loop wire system
  • Pitch 3:1
  • Pitch 2:1
  • Punching and closing machines

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