Metal slides for calendars

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Metal calendar slides

Calendar slides are metal strips that are tinned at the edges of the calendar (sometimes at the upper edge, and others at both top and bottom), in order to rigidize it and to get a hanger. They are also called metal calendar rims, metal borders, metal rods, metal hangers. The tinned calendar is a very popular way of finishing commercial and industrial calendars.

Matauco slides can be used with integrated metal eyelet or with plastic eyelet. They are preformed in V, from 100 to 1.000 mm in length, in 18 mm width (you can just the same slide from 1 to 15 sheets). The double fold tinned system guarantees a high quality uniform folding.

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Bagetteermachines en staaf kalenders

Bagetteermachines en staaf kalenders

Bagetteermachines en staaf kalenders

Calendar slides with metal hanger

Calendar slides with plastic hanger

Calendar slides without hanger

Cilt makinaları - Takvim için metal kenarlıklar

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Closing Machine MA WIRE K35

Closing Machine MA WPC740

Cutting Machine

Double Wire Spools

Electric edger L Model

Electric edger M Model

GP Model Stitcher

GS Model Stitcher

Hersteller von maschinen für kalender - Stangensteller maschinen - Leisten für kalender


Long-Arm Stapler

Manual edger I Model

Manual edger MA Model

Manual edger Y Model

Punching Machine MA KL50

Punching Machine MA PF340

Special calendar slides


Wire Binder Duo M

Wire Binder MA S340

Wire Hangers

Настенный календарь - Переплетный Машины

Calendar slides can be manufactured in black, white, grey, gold, green, red, blue and silver. They can be made with one, two or three hangers, and also without hanger (plain slides). They are sold in cardboard boxes.

The raw material used for manufacturing MATAUCO slides is 100% recyclable, being an environmentally friendly and clean system.

Our system is very versatile. You can use the same slide to bind one sheet or several sheet calendars. Another important advantage is that the final cost is lower than other calendar binding systems.